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Dr. Brad Welsh

Your First Visit

Your new patient examination appointment will begin with a conversation with Dr. Welsh and your dental assistant. He will discuss any concerns that you have with your teeth or oral health, including any issues that you may have with dental treatment such as fear or discomfort. We discuss this all in our consultation room to provide you with a non-threatening environment.

After the initial consultation we will begin your comprehensive dental examination. This may be one of the most thorough dental examinations you’ve ever had, and will include:

Review of your overall health history and status
Review your dental health, history, habits and preferences
Periodontal “gum” screening exam to check for gum disease
Examination of your temporomandibular joints (“TMJs”)
Oral cancer screening
Examination of your teeth for decay “cavities”
Examination of your bite (tooth alignment)
X-rays of your mouth teeth

At the end of your first appointment, if necessary, our financial coordinator will review treatment costs, payment options and possible insurance coverage that may apply to treatment.

We may also schedule a separate consultation appointment at no charge to go over diagnosed problem areas, treatment options and any special concerns that you discussed at your exam.

Our office strives to make your new patient experience very informative and comforting for you.

Dr. Brad Welsh