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Dr Brad Welsh Dentistry

Bright, White Summer Special

Dr. Welsh Staff | Tuesday, July 21, 2015

You find yourself in the dental aisle of your local store because you have decided to whiten your teeth. You're immediately overwhelmed by all of the options in front of you! You could try the whitening strips, but there are so many different kinds! The more you look the more confused you become. On top of the strips there are bleach pens and gels, trays and rinses. The choices are endless and the prices can be shocking. You know that you want to whiten your smile but you have questions that the back of the boxes cannot answer, so now what do you do?

We have a very simple answer; give us a call! Dr. Welsh's office offers *custom made* bleach trays to whiten your smile in one to two weeks. Our state of the art trays are thin, clear, and incredibly easy to use. Because these trays are custom made, they fit into your mouth with ease versus the large and sometimes bulky over the counter trays at department stores. These trays come with four tubes of our Opalescence Bleach; a mint flavored clear whitening gel that you use one to times a day, for no more than 30 minutes. Because these trays are thin and easy to wear, you can pretty much whiten your teeth whenever is convenient for you! Patients whiten while driving, getting ready for work, cooking, or performing daily tasks.

The trays are a great investment if you want to look at long term whitening options. Now through Labor Day, our trays are on special for only $200! This a HUGE savings for you! 

*Bleaching gels, strips, and even custom made trays unfortunately do not whiten fillings, crowns, veneers, or any other type of tooth covering material. All bleaches either in office or over the counter only whiten the natural tooth.*

If you are interested in finding out more about our Bright, White Summer special, give us a call! One of our team members will gladly discuss things further with you or answer any questions you may have. The appointment is a very quick and easy appointment that lasts about fifteen minutes or less. A highly trained dental assistant will take two impressions and custom make  your trays in our lab, and have them ready to seat in a couple of days! She will then show you how to use the trays and how much bleach you should use each time. From that point, you will be on your way to a whiter smile in just days!

So why wait any longer? Give us a call at 330-674-4876 to schedule a very quick appointment or have any of your questions answered about our trays! This offer is good until Labor Day, so take advantage of it while you can! 


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