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5 Benefits of Fluoride

Dr. Brad Welsh | Friday, February 14, 2014

If you’re over a certain age, you’ll remember taking a break in elementary school for the “Fluoride Lady.” She’d come in with little cups of flavored fluoride for you to swish around and spit back in the cup. We always had to see how many bubbles we could make.

After our town added fluoride to the water, we stopped swishing for bubbles, but the fact remains that fluoride, which makes the enamel of your teeth stronger and more resilient, is one of the best ways to avoid cavities. Check out these 5 benefits of fluoride and how it can improve your dental health:

Fluoride makes your teeth stronger

Everything you eat and drink attacks your teeth, causing acids and sugars to break down the protective enamel. One of the main benefits of fluoride is that it strengthens that enamel layer and helps rebuild it while also preventing gum disease.

It’s easy to incorporate fluoride into your routine

While most of us brush several times a day, other dental practices are harder to make a habit. However, fluoride is easy to add into your dental routine. You can also buy toothpaste with fluoride in it, your dentist treats your teeth with fluoride as part of a normal dental visit, and chances are good that your community already adds fluoride to your water.

It’s especially good for kids

The benefits of fluoride are also important for kids under seven years old. Even though they still have their baby teeth (give or take a couple if they’re older), fluoride helps keeps gums healthy and bacteria-free.

It helps prevent cavities

Do you have braces or crowns? Or do you suffer from dry mouth because you take certain medications? Fluoride gets underneath the wires of braces or other dental work to help fight plaque. And if your mouth is dry, fluoride is a crucial tool in fighting decay.

It’s free

Best of all, fluoride doesn’t cost anything. It’s likely already in your water supply, it’s in many types of toothpaste, and your dentist offers it as part of a regular cleaning.

Even though the days of swishing in elementary school are over, fluoride is still an important part of your dental health. Talk to Dr. Brad Welsh and make sure you’re getting enough fluoride.


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