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3 Reasons for Intraoral Technology for Dental X Rays

Dr. Brad Welsh | Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Digital x-ray

If you duck rather than stand in front of the microwave to avoid radiation, you’re not alone. No, we’re just kidding—you really are the only person who does that. But all joking aside, we know that dental x ray radiation is a big concern among our patients. Fortunately, Dr. Welsh uses intraoral technology—digital x rays—instead of traditional ones. To learn why digital x-rays are superior to traditional dental x rays, read on.

Less Radiation

Digital x rays produce 80-90% less radiation than traditional x rays. In other words, you’ll worry a little bit less if you don’t hit the floor when you’re nuking that baked potato. Knowing that you and your children want the least exposure to radiation possible, you’ll enjoy knowing that digital dental x rays offer the safest technology available.

Interactive Consultation

Not only do digital x rays provide clearer, larger pictures but they can also be viewed instantly. No more waiting for the film to develop! With these pictures, Dr. Welsh can zoom in and out while viewing your mouth at high resolution. Better step up your flossing! Being able to view the images immediately allows Dr. Welsh to review your x rays with you and develop a more comprehensive treatment plan.

Environmentally Friendly

Traditional x rays required a dark room and chemicals for developing the images. Plus, they required additional storage space. With digital dental x rays, images are stored on a hard drive. Not only does this make for less waste, but these images can easily be transferred to your new dentist if you relocate.

As you can see, digital x rays offer a number of benefits that you just won’t find with traditional x rays—less radiation, less waste, and ultimately, a better overview of areas in your mouth where tooth decay has set in. This helps Dr. Welsh to ensure that your mouth receives the best treatment possible. Sounds like a win-win situation to us!


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