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Dr Brad Welsh Dentistry

2016 and what is new

Dr. Welsh Staff | Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hello and happy 2016!

The beginning of the year is typically a busy time for us here at Dr. Welsh's office. Not only are we dedicated to taking care of our patient's needs and treatments, but we also begin to prepare for Children's Dental Health month, which takes place during the month of February. As mentioned before, Children's Dental Health month is one of the biggest community events our team members take part in. 

Before we get into 2016, I'd like to touch base on how we ended 2015. After our first Halloween Candy Buy Back, some of our staff members participated in helping out our local chapter of the Salvation Army, by ringing the bell and accepting donations towards the Salvation Army. In mid December, Dr. Welsh provided the second annual Free Dental Pain Clinic to residents of Holmes County who were experiencing a toothache. The clinic is provided to residents 18 and older, who do not qualify for any state funded insurances, but are experiencing dental related pain. This was our second year for the clinic and we were very happy to be able to provide relief for the local residents who came in. The clinic was held on December 16th.

So let's move on to 2016! 

February is regarded as Children's Dental Health month. Each year, our team members visit local area schools to help teach students proper oral hygiene techniques and instructions, the benefit of good oral health, and what foods are the leading cause of decay or cavities. Students also take part in a coloring contest to win a battery powered toothbrush, and get a chance to meet Grinnin' Gary, our resident mascot. 

This year, our team visited Millersburg Elementary on February 3rd. The second grade classes were welcoming and provided us with a lot of laughs during our visit! We want to send a huge THANK YOU to the teachers, staff, and students who made our fourth year taking part in this cause, a success. We truly enjoy getting to share dental knowledge with children and hope we can instill the benefits of good oral health with them!

So what else is planned for 2016? We hope to continue to grow as a practice, and so far we've already grown as a team! We welcomed our newest dental assistant, Trisha, to our team this month! She is a wonderful addition to our staff! We hope to continue to provide excellent dental care to Holmes County residents this year, and are excited to be able to utilize our new 3D imaging system more. This imaging system allows us to see advanced, images of teeth, the jaw, and provides more accurate diagnoses because of it's viewing capability. The 3D imaging system has been beneficial in both the easy and precise placement of dental implants, as well as checking hard to see areas. We also hope to continue to take part in local area events and will once again head up the Halloween Candy Buy Back this year. 

Thanks to all of our patients for making 2015 great, and we can't wait to see what 2016 has in store!


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